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Portfolio & Testimonials

Front Range Living

Paul was quick and effective. His understanding of and implementation of the StoryBrand framework is excellent. He guided me through the process with good questions and feedback. Then and I quickly received valuable content back from him based on our meeting.

– Burke Atkerson


I read the book and took the online course but still was struggling to create a compelling message and narrative for my new business. Working with Paul, we crafted a brilliant brandscript, wireframes for my home and about pages. He also gave me a great strategy for moving forward.

– Chris Davies

Laurex Advisors

Paul is an amazing certified StoryBrand Guide. He is a no-nonsense professional. His knowledge of the StoryBrand Framework is unmatched. I would refer Paul to anyone who wants a StoryBrand Guide. He is the real deal. Beyond the SB component, he is equally a great business consultant.

– Alex Johnson

Parent With Confidence

I needed a sales page that would convert. I know how effective StoryBrand marketing is and I wanted someone professional and reliable who knew what they were doing. After an efficient and thorough discovery call, Paul had the first draft to me within hours. He was extremely responsive via email and generous with the revision period. I feel super confident in the results. I highly recommend Paul, and look forward to working with him again.

– Liba Lurie

L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions

Paul helped me find a clear message to reach my target audience. I am so grateful for what he has done for my business. Now I can confidently market to increase my business. He is an amazing person to work with. Absolutely amazing! I am more than pleased with what Paul has done for me. Paul is a StoryBrand expert.

– Aazim Sharp

Market Fit

Paul was excellent to work with. He had a great understanding of my business and converted this into compelling copy. I have recommended him to a number of my colleagues.

– Kursten Shalfoon

Guided Experience

Paul is the best of the best! I had a message and branding problem. He not only took time to listen and ask great questions....He then wrote a world class branding message using the story brand framework. He empathized with what I was doing and actually wanted to make my brand a success!! If you want somebody that will buy in and be ALL IN....Paul is your guy! Paul is the best! You will be happy! I promise!

– Dave Pillow